Oppprtunities for Fun & Learning

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Opportunities for Fun & Learning

Taking a trip with Josh is not only a great learning opportunity, they’re just plain fun.  Birding is often more social than just searching for birds.  The conversations, fun moments and light atmosphere Josh provides make trips comfortable and enjoyable.  Planning is at the core of every good trip.  Time and effort go into every trip and in the midst of learning, special memories are built and never forgotten.  There are many opportunities to join Josh on a trip or walk.  Some go for the economical day trip to a special birding area while others prefer a bit more investment for a long weekend trip to Michigan’s northern most wilderness areas.  Even if you can’t afford to go on a paid trip, Josh offers several FREE opportunities every year.  Josh’s goal is to make the natural world, especially birds, accessible to everyone.  Join Josh on a trip you won’t forget!

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