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Hawks on the Wing

posted 1 day ago

My dad and I had a nice surprise at this year’s Barry Christmas Bird Count. We did quite well for Raptors in our sections and even scored a Golden Eagle.

Hawks on the Wing shared Battle Creek Brigham Audubon's event.

BC Audubon Owl Prowl

Please join us for our annual Owl Prowl at the Binder Park Zoo. (families are welcome!) We will walk very slowly on mostly flat ground, making stops along the way to call for Owls. We have been pretty successful at the zoo for Owls in the past so our fingers are crossed! Dress in warm layers with warm hiking boots for the weather, leave your flashlights at home and bring your quietest demeanor. =) Please meet at 7pm, at the Binder Park Zoo Cross Administration Building (our normal location for our monthly meetings).

January 25, 2018 - January 25, 2018

Hawks on the Wing

posted 2 days ago

Enjoyed a nice hike in SW Michigan today. It also seemed like a good flight day with high cirrus clouds and warm air. We saw a Rough-legged Hawk, Red-tailed Hawk, Red-shouldered Hawk (albeit not in flight) and a distant soaring Bald Eagle.

Hawks on the Wing

posted 1 day ago

My wife, 5yr old daughter Lillian and I welcomed a new addition to our family last week. And with a name like “Alexander Merlin” of course we gave him a fitting nursery theme! Hawks, Owls and the night sky will be little Alex’s sanctuary for the next several years. The room is starting to really take shape. The night sky mural features a silhouetted owl from one of my photographs. Another wall has a framed Snowy Owl and and my “Merlin in Fog” from a UP adventure years ago. We can’t wait to share Whitefish Pt. and many Merlin’s with this young lad. 😊

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