Let Us Help You Sight In Your Binoculars!

If you have ever struggled with seeing a clear picture through your binoculars or the picture has always been fuzzy, there is a chance your optics aren’t dialed in specifically to your unique eyes.  Many binoculars offer manual adjustment to one of the individual optics because most people’s left and right eyes aren’t matched.  Often times, people are unaware of this and think it’s them when many times there is a fix for the problem.

We have created a video to walk you through the process of adjusting the side to side placement and focus of each optic for personalizing your binoculars to YOU.  We never recommend sharing binoculars because everyone’s vision is different.  We have had countless experiences with new birders who thought they needed new optics when all they needed to do was dial them in.  This can be a life-changing experience for those that think everything they’re doing is wrong.

Don’t let this drive you away from searching for birds and getting into a hobby that offers so much enjoyment.  Before you think your binoculars are broken or you’ll never get it, try some of our tips.

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