Inspiring Hawkwatchers and a Raptor ID Overview

I was asked to provide a Raptor ID program recently for the Mackinac Straits Raptor Watch as part of their “Raptors Revealed” virtual speaker series.  Rather than providing the same ‘ol ID program, I added much more to the introduction inspiring birders as to why we love experiencing raptor migration but also why it’s vital to be deliberate in sharing this pastime with others, especially those younger than us.  I really enjoyed this program and hope you will too!

This recording features many of the Eastern species of raptors that migrate past North American migration sites every Spring and Fall.  The focus is on the more common species.  If you enjoy this material and would like to experience HD videos of all the species, including side-by-sides with audio commentary walking you through how to identify raptors in flight, click HERE and head over to our shop to get a copy of our movie today.

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